Exactly What is an Estate Plan in Ohio?

An Estate Plan is a description of what you want to happen in the future if you become incapacitated and when you die. It describes who you want to be in control of your assets, pay your liabilities, take care of your minor children, and how you want your assets used for the benefit of the people you have chosen. It makes certain what assets are distributed, who receives them, how you want them distributed, and when you want them distributed. It allows you to keep assets protected for the use and benefit of only those people you choose and not their creditors or anyone wishing them harm.

Beyond that, your Estate Plan describes how you want to be treated if you are not capable of using your voice to express that in the future. Think of your Estate Plan as your map to the future and the future of your family.

Schedule a meeting with Ison Law to see if you are the right candidate for an Estate Planning Session. We will plan availability and costs, how long a plan takes to complete, and the steps needed to achieve them. Once you have chosen the plan that is right for you, we will schedule a follow-up appointment for you to sign all of the documents to complete your Estate Plan.


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