What are the benefits of hiring David A. Ison of Ison Law for your Outside General Counsel serving Powell and Columbus, Ohio?

For some, Outside General Counsel is a new trend in business. Small and medium-sized businesses have turned to retaining a business attorney to help in day-to-day legal situations and assistance in company strategic planning. Many owners and managers find it advantageous having immediate access as needed to an attorney with a history and understanding of the business, its mission and purpose, and personalities. That attorney is the first call when a legal or a potential legal issue arises. That call often resolves the issue or lessens the negative impact. If more extensive services or hiring of an attorney who focuses solely on a particular area of law is needed, those services can be expedited often catching matters before they spin beyond control. David A. Ison, of Columbus, Ohio has performed Outside General Counsel services for business clients for over thirty years.

Advantages of a Familiar Business Attorney
Not all attorneys are focused on business needs as a primary practice area. David is highly experienced in business and the legal profession. For over 30 years his practice included legal business advice and strategic planning. Legal advice for business clients may include application of existing contractual language to current circumstances; review, planning, and negotiation of agreements; hiring, firing, discipline and employment issues; mergers, acquisitions, asset, stock, membership interest, and capitalization issues; review and negotiate lines of credit, terms, security and other financial facilities; buy sell, partnership, shareholder and other internal agreements; and many more issues. Consultation with an attorney familiar with these areas and your business during the planning stage is the best use of the resources your attorney offers.

Cost Effectiveness of a Relationship
Retaining Ison Law of Powell and Columbus, Ohio as your Outside General Counsel means building a relationship of trust and confidence based on mutual exchange of important information . From the initial contact, the focus of the relationship is long term benefit to both parties. The goal is to gain understanding of the many facets of the business and use that understanding to develop and implement the correct strategies for each issue that arises. Your business can have the advantages of a business lawyer who knows your business without the drag on your payroll and benefits package of a full-time employee.

To find out more and determine if Outside General Counsel services can add value to your business, please contact us for evaluation.