Welcome to Ison Law’s Generational Wealth Protection FAQ Section

Our Goal is to Provide the Best Answers to The Most Frequently Asked Questions In Ohio Estate Planning at Any Age. We are Honored to Have Served Our Clients and Their Kin for Over 40 Years.

Our goal in this section and in meeting you is to:

Reduce stress for you and your family by describing in writing exactly what you want to happen if you can no longer express your wishes later in life and when you die.

You control who manages your assets, what happens to your estate, how it is managed and when it is distributed.

Avoid the time, cost and publicity of probating your estate

Protect your family’s inheritance from creditors, divorce, and foolish spending, especially when younger children may inherit.

Create a safety net for future generations

Ensure your assets will stay in the family even if your spouse remarries.
Have us to rely on as your have questions about your estate and when your circumstances change.

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