What Plan Is Best For You?

You can use a will based plan or a trust based plan. Either way, you also need other documents to work with the will or trust. Have a general power of attorney to appoint someone to act for your financial matters if you cannot. Have a health care power of attorney and living will to give someone authority to act on your behalf for medical purposes if you cannot. And have some other documents that help these serve their function under certain circumstances.

Whether you choose a will based estate plan or trust based estate plan, all of the estate planning packages available from our office include all documents you need to assure that your estate is handled the way you want it handled, by the people you choose in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

We have established fees for each of the plans so you can make a thoughtful analysis of what is best for you and your needs. In about an hour we can help you decide whether a will based plan or a funded living trust based plan is best for you. We charge no fee for the initial meeting. That is our gift to you.

We will discuss the cost of the different plans, how long they take to complete and the steps needed to complete them. When you choose the plan right for you, we will schedule a follow up appointment for you to sign all documents prepared for you to complete your plan.