Most Frequent Obstacles You Will Overcome to Set up Your Estate Plan in Ohio


No control over management or distribution of estate during incapacity or after you die. You come to protect your assets from being distributed or controlled by people you do not want to receive distributions or control at the time of your incapacity or death, including ex-spouses, those without ability to manage assets, and those subject to or prone to bad influences.


No say in who will care for your minor child after your death or who will manage your estate for your child’s benefit. You come to nominate a guardian for your underage child and describe how you want your assets managed for the benefit of your child.


No way to stop extraordinary measures used for life support long after it is appropriate because no one can make the decisions to stop for you. You come to describe your wishes for critical care and life support if you are unable to decide for yourself and to designate who will make those decisions.


No way for someone else to manage your finances for you if you become sick or unable to do your banking and make financial transactions for your own benefit. You come to designate who will make financial and business decisions about your estate if you are unable to make those decisions during your life and after you die.

No way to avoid some or all of your estate from public administration in open court through probate. You come to avoid the public nature, added time and cost, and the administrative protocols required by the probate process.

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