Top 5 Benefits of Setting Up Your Estate Plan & Your Biggest Wins in Ohio


1. You Have Control. You are in control of who handles your estate, what your beneficiaries receive, when they receive it, how they receive it, and who raises any minor children you may leave at death. Your plan includes top quality custom documents covering all elements of your estate plan for a fixed fee.


2. Avoid Public Knowledge and Probate Court. You can avoid the publicity and public scrutiny of opening up all of your money, values, debts in the probate process if you use a funded trust to administer your estate during your lifetime and at death. Signing your custom estate plan and “funding” your plan keeps your plan and the administration of your estate private.


3. Protect Your Children and Surviving Spouse. You can protect your children, your spouse and your other beneficiaries and their inheritance from unscrupulous people who might otherwise snoop around the probate court system looking for naïve beneficiaries who received property so they can swindle them out of it.


4. Ensure Your Assets Stay in Your Family. You can protect your children from losing their inheritance through divorce, bad business deals, bad driving, or other debts that otherwise could take their money from them.


5. Peace of Mind Knowing You Ensured Financial Viability for Future Generations. You have been a good steward of your money during your lifetime. You can create an environment to encourage your children to be good stewards of your money after you are gone and for generations to come all the while building a “family bank” to help secure future generations from unforeseen health or other concerns that might otherwise be financially devastating.