Is Your Estate Plan Ready For 2024?

At Ison Law, we like to think of estate planning as life affirming. Your plan affirms the decisions you make in your lifetime to have an estate to plan. When you create your estate plan, you are creating a reality and framework within which your beneficiaries can extend your life choices and absorb them into their own lives. For some of you, that means a multigenerational approach to planning and creating an economic reality that could last forever. It does not matter what number you start with, grab a calculator and run that number out over two or three generations. Your estate could become an enormous resource available as a safety net for generations of your descendants. For others, you may want to grant your beneficiaries the immediate use of your estate relying on your beneficiaries to make wise choices. Whatever your desires for the future, your estate plan is the instrument to play your tune.

Things change. People, ideas, laws, and even sometimes values change with time and experience. Make certain that your estate plan reflects these changes. Whether you are a first-time visitor to Ison Law or have been with us for decades, we are always happy to meet with you, rekindle our friendship, and make certain your estate plan affirms your life. Rather than just words on a page, at Ison Law we aim for you to experience joy and peace of mind knowing that your plan is thorough, complete, understandable, and most of all uniquely your own.

We have broke down different sections for your 2024 guide to help you through this year's estate planning. Please click on links below to elaborate on each section of helpful information.

The Impact of Transfer on Death Designations

Annual Exclusions and Lifetime Transfer Tax Exemption for 2024

Using Your Spouse’s Unused Exemption Remains an Option

A Word of Caution: A Will-Based Estate Plan Must Be Administered Through Probate Court

Funding Your Trust-Based Estate Plan

IRA Beneficiaries -- Confusion From The Most Recent Law Changes

Digital Assets: Does your plan cover your Cryptocurrency?

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